Why Choose Al Sharqiya Sands Hotel?


1.Ease of Access to every tourist spot in the region

Al Sharqiya Sands hotel is located at Ibra, the hear of Sharqiya region.

From here every tourist spot in the region is easily accessible.

The following are the major attractions in the region and time taken to reach the same from our hotel.

Ibra Souq (Traditional Market)       5 Minutes
Sharqiya Sands (Desert Region)    20 Minutes
Wadi Bani Khalid (Fresh Water Pools)  1 Hour
Sur (Coastal Region) 2 Hours
Ras al Hadd (Turtle Watching) 2 Hours 15 Minutes


2.Great Comfort

Our amenities are a put let for the elite, these include a swimming pool in secluded garden, pubs right in the middle of the desert.


3.Great Convenience

Internet Access, operated assisted voice dialing are just some of the features we have that you would not expect from a hotel in the desert.













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