Sharqiya Sands

The Wahiba Sands, or Ramlat al-Wahiba (also called Sharqiya Sands), are a region of desert in Oman. The region is named for the Wahiba tribe. The area is defined by a boundary of 180 kilometers (112 mi) north to south and 80 kilometers (50 mi) east to west, with an area of 12,500 square kilometers (4,800 sq mi).

The area is occupied by Bedouins who congregate at Al Huyawah, an oasis near the border of the desert, between June and September to gather dates.Tribes present in the area at the time of the Royal Geographic Society included, predominately, the al-Wahiba (or Yal Wahiba) for whom the region is named, the al-Amr, the al-Bu-Isa, the Hikman, Hishm and Janaba.







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